Distance, where they grew up, what their mother tongue is… It never mattered. When real meets real and the love for Soca is genuine… Then there’s only one way out… Team up and represent Soca to the fullest!

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Nailah Blackman

She released her first song “Cigarettes” on Youtube in 2016, which showed a heavy East Indian Arabic influence. The track caught the attention of Kees Dieffenthaller (lead singer of Kes the band), and with hard work and endless effort, the two produced a new track called “Work Out” – a Soca chart topping hit for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2017.


The single received rave reviews at the 2017 International Soca Monarch Finals Competition and continues to soar past seven million views on Youtube.

Nailah’s single “Baila Mami” was ranked as number 1 on the music charts and radio airplay in both Trinidad and Barbados and is ranked in the top 5 downloads on iTunes in the Caribbean Market.



Everyone who knows D-One, knows that there is no way around it… He’s a hopeless addict. D-One’s veins have music pumping through them!

D-One is known as an experienced, technically gifted, all-around international DJ that has been performing all over the world for most of his adult life. He is one of the pioneers when it comes to playing Caribbean music in non-Caribbean settings. He never misses out on a chance to share Soca.

Born in Trinidad, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he got infected by Soca at a very young age. D-One was born in Trinidad, lived in America and has officially been calling The Netherlands “home” for more than 10 years now.

D-One: “I play Soca, because it’s a part of who I am and a type of music that just cannot be denied. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share it with the world and there is no better feeling than seeing someone hear Soca for the first time and by the end of the night, see them fall in love with it”.

Want to know more about D-One? Check www.d-onejammasters.com


Nobody mixes and juggles their records as quickly and swiftly as Rakka aka The Energybomb aka Belgium’s Soca Ambassador. This man isn’t your ordinary pipsqueak, he’s a first class entertainer!

Being born in the Belgian city of Ghent and raised in Spain with a strong strain of Russian Vodka running through the family’s bloodline, moving on to obtain a Master degree in Filosofy, safe to say his whole life has been one giant cocktail of roots and cultures. No wonder some call him Mister Mashup. Using all these influences along with his signature hyperkinetic on-stage energy, Rakka combines Carribean styles, Urban, Drum & Bass, Rock, Future Beats and well known classics into musical atom bombs that would make the likes of Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump jealous. In the words of Major Lazer, Rakka is “The Frank Sinatra of the Urban Scene”.

Rakka has appeared on some of Europe’s biggest events like Tomorrowland, Overjam, Summer Jam, Antilliaanse Feesten, etc.

He’s also traveled to Trinidad & Tobago, the heart of Soca music, to create a documentary about the origins of the music that is closest to his heart and went on to appear as the first Belgian artist at the world’s biggest street party, T&T Carnival.

Having releases lined up with some of Soca’s biggest names and with an endless list of top tier gigs on his record, Rakka is guaranteed to be the man who will make you shake.


Raggamuffin Whiteman

Raggamuffin Whiteman is not your average DJ. He found his passion for Caribbean & Tropical music at the age of 17, during a student exchange program to Jamaica. He spent that year, 1994, living with a Jamaican family and attending a Jamaican high school.

Not only did Raggamuffin Whiteman absorb everything there was to learn about Caribbean history and culture, he also started mixing the music. On one of his many trips back to Jamaica he even won 2 DJ-battles on the national radio station, Irie FM.

Combining unparalleled mixing skills with 23 years of experience playing clubs, major events and festivals all over Europe, parts of Russia & Brazil, he is still as motivated and determined to spread Tropical Bass music in world-class sets that span the globe in genres.

He has produced original tracks for various labels, releasing remixes while gathering a steady stream of followers, in the thousands, on online platforms and radio shows.

Raggamuffin Whiteman loves mixing up Caribbean, Latino, Urban & Afro vibes in a way that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser & floor filler.