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Founded by artistes who are active within the entertainment industry with years of experience and a vast network, we place only professional and the most dynamic Caribbean entertainers on exclusive premium events in Europe.
There is a myth that only the well-known superstar Caribbean artistes gets booked in Europe. Truth is, there are tons of music events all over Europe in search of unique acts to add to their programming.
Since we are all about exposing the music and culture to 'newbies', this is the perfect opportunity to place Caribbean entertainment on new and exciting podia. 
 Some of the biggest challenges facing unknown foreign artistes and event bookers are usually the costs associated with getting an artiste and his/her team to Europe. For the serious artiste looking to break new ground and gain a foot-hold in Europe we make it possible for an artiste to travel alone to Europe and we act as your manager, provide your band/DJ/Dancers. Basically everything you need to perform and reach a fresh new market. 
Interested in re-fining your act, image or brand to cater to the non-Caribbean European environment. With our hands-on experience, and team of supporting professionals, we'll get you where you want to go.
We know what works and if you are willing to put in the dedication and truly believe in your talent, then we are more than ready to start you on your way to success.





Let us together show the world that race, color, or any other divisive idea cannot and will not ever triumph over love, respect and equality for all.
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