As Caribbean music and culture continues to infiltrate and be celebrated across Europe, the end game is to see Soca music and carnival culture soar higher,

break barriers and reach un-chartered waters while touching as many souls as possible.


Welcome to our unique platform for entertainment and insight into this music and culture we love so much.


Whether it be where to party, where is the next Carnival or introducing new music, Soaked In Soca is your source for all of this and more.

How It All Started: Two DJ’s with a genuine love for the craft and the desire to always make that pure connection with their audience.

D-One (Trinidad and Tobago) and Rakka (Belgium), International professional DJ’s and friends for the past 10 years and counting, started Soaked In Soca with one simple objective; to spread their love for Soca music with as many new listeners as possible. What started as a humble party concept a few years ago, has evolved into a much bigger and more ambitious project.

Now operating out of our home-base in Cologne-Germany, Soaked In Soca has slowly begun to build its own community of dedicated followers. A fine example is the 'Boating' boat party cruises, which, in 18 short months has grown to be the most anticipated and loved Soca-inspired boat parties in all of Europe. We love seeing people of different races, different backgrounds, different nationalities, respectfully celebrating together as one, learning from each-other and in many instances forming lasting friendships. 


According to D-One, 'On this side of Europe, we do not have the Caribbean numbers as in the UK, so it's a struggle for any Soca event outside of Rotterdam or Berlin Carnival to be successful. For our events we aim to attract Soca lovers from all over Europe and one of the most important goals we've set, is to make sure that every person attending our events always leaves with a positive, memorable and fun experience. We treat every time, like the first time. This is how we build'.  

Look out for what's coming because Soaked In Soca is only getting started.



Daryl aka D-One


'So proud for this opportunity to share my Trinidad and Tobago culture and see people literally fall in love with the Caribbean.'


Creative & Costume Designer

'We never say no to an exciting new idea or concept. Once we

believe in it we're gonna make it work.'

Let us together show the world that race, color, or any other divisive idea cannot and will not ever triumph over love, respect and equality for all.
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