Welcome to our unique platform for promoting, unity, tolerance and equality through hosting initiatives that celebrate the true essence of Caribbean Culture. We make it our business to enrich Germany’s and in turn Europe’s landscape of cultural diversity and in so doing, bring about positive change in society.


As Caribbean music and culture continues to break barriers and be ecstatically celebrated across Europe, we believe that it's incredibly important that whatever we import from the Caribbean and share in Europe, must be a correct representation, held to the highest quality and impeccable standards. 

We intend to be the trailblazers and lead by example. 

Now operating out of our home-base in Cologne-Germany, Soaked In Soca is geared up and ready to . A fine example is the 'Boating' boat party cruises, which, in pre-COVID times, quickly grew to the most anticipated and loved Caribbean-inspired boat party in Germany. We love seeing people of different races, different backgrounds, different nationalities, respectfully celebrating together as one, learning from each-other and in many instances forming lasting friendships.