My first Carnival – Theresa P.

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Theresa P.


IT Project Manager, currently on parental leave



When and where was the first time you took part in Carnival?

“The first time I took part in a carnival was “Karneval der Kulturen“ (carnival of cultures) in Berlin in 2007. Actually, I went alone since I did not have any friends who listened to Soca, too.”

Which band did you play with?

“There was no real Soca band that year which I could officially join, only the Yard / Escobar truck which played Dancehall and Soca and the Yaam truck which mainly played Dancehall.”

Describe what you wore if you can remember.

“I wore regular clothes as there was no costume band. In 2008 we made our own „costumes”. There was a workshop in Berlin for those who wanted to make their own costume, but I couldn’t join, as I lived in Cologne…”

What was your favourite tune?

“My favorite tune must have been „Nah going home“ by Biggie Irie and we lived by this motto that carnival.”

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this day?

“I remember dancing behind the truck for the first time and thinking: ‘Wow, this must be the best experience of my life!'”

Have you been back to this Carnival?

“I have been to Berlin carnival every year since then, even last year when I was 7 months pregnant.”

Is this your favourite Carnival? if not, which is and tell us why.

“I can’t help but say that Trinidad carnival is my favorite. The vibes, the weather, the Trini Soca… it’s just perfect! And I am friends with the owners of the guest house we always stay at in Woodbrook by now. Even though a lot changed since my first time in 2008. Everything is so much more expensive by now and sometimes I feel as if there are more tourists than locals.”

Any Carnivals on your agenda for 2018?

“I want to try to join Rotterdam Zomer Carnaval, actually my favorite carnival in Europe and maybe the small but lovely Carnival der Kulturen in Bielefeld.”


Do you have one particular Carnival you’re still dreaming to attend one day?

“I would love to attend Crop Over, St. Vincent and St. Lucia carnival one day. But to be honest, if I have to choose one carnival overseas a year, I would always choose Trinidad!!!”