The best Carnivals In The Caribbean

April 19, 2018 Category: Entertainment
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Since we started with Soaked In Soca, we’ve been getting many questions from people interested in visiting the Caribbean for their first Carnival experience. Their first question is usually; “Which island has the best Carnival?”

“Which island has the best Carnival?”

We try to answer without being bias but since our roots and soul is grounded in Trinidad and Tobago, well you guys could figure out the rest. Here is a short list of a few more well-known Caribbean Carnivals, a great place to start for those interested in combining the Carnival experience with an overal island vacation. With a bit of research into what the islands offer, we’re certain the following list has something for everyone.

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Trinidad’s Carnival is an explosion of colour, music, revelry, and creativity! Nothing on earth can rival the euphoria and stunning spectacle of our festival! With its massive masquerade bands, spectacular costumes, pulsating music and unparalleled stamina for partying, Trinidad’s Carnival is often described as the greatest show on earth! A time for release and everyone is invited to join the party.

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