Carnival Please Stay

February 19, 2018 Category: T&T News
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Photo credit: Paparazzi Carnival

Trinidad and Tobago, oh land that we love. Now that carnival is over we feel a sense of complete exhausted satisfaction, mangled in utter sadness. The wait for 2019 would be a painful one but luckily there’d be enough other carnivals and parties all over the globe to explore and keep us from not completely losing our minds. Absolutely no offense to other carnivals and all the hard-working people who tirelessly toil to make those events blistering successes. No offense at all.

However, Trinidad and Tobago carnival is hands-down second to none and any living creature on this slowly fading green earth, lucky enough to have experienced this great show, the greatest show on earth, would tell you the same. Looking back there were so many magical moments, too many to mention.

Looking back there were so many magical moments, too many to mention.

In the upcoming weeks we’d begin highlighting some of these moments in a bit more detail and sharing them with you. For now we’d like to share one of those beautiful moments. Trinidad and Tobago soca music dominates the airwaves at carnival time. It’s hard for tunes from other Caribbean islands to get widespread acceptance over the course of the season.

This year was one of those rare moments. Grenadian duo Lil Natty & Thunder gave Trinbago carnival a serious dose of spice-island music. The song ‘Top Striker‘ captured the hearts of the people with its catchy hook and fantastic musical arrangement.

We even heard one patron at a party asking a DJ to please play ‘Mass over dey‘, not knowing the title of the song and instead referring to a line in the tune. Simply fantastic and proving once more that when all is said and done, carnival is still definitely a time for acceptance, togetherness and camaraderie.

Everyone is welcome and 2019 we’d be right back in the middle of all that wholesome madness.

SIS Team.

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