Spotlight On Twin Root

July 31, 2018 Category: T&T News
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We continue shedding light on the DJ’s responsible for spreading the message and positive vibes of Soca on this side of the globe.

This is Twin Root. Check their mix below and be sure to give it a share.

To get an idea of who Twin Root is, read on.

Twin Root hails from Westside Belgium and consists of Bredda X and Di Regulator, 2 Belgians with Jamaican roots.

Bredda X has a long history in promoting Reggae/Dancehall in Belgium since early 2000 as a skilled DJ. In 2004 he started a soundsystem called Samurai Movement with a friend but due to different goals he continued solo after a couple of years busting vibes all over the place in mix up style but with a heavy Dancehall/Reggae foundation.

A few years later he ran in to his childhood friend Regulator who he didn’t see for many years and in mean time had also developed a big love for Reggae/Dancehall but wasn’t DJ’ing yet.
Whenever there was a link up they would get each other too hyped on the vibes and Bredda X saw that Regulator took up skills very easily. The mixed and shared knowledge got things to a next level, and the linkups motivated like mad.

After seeing the kind of motivation that came out of this shared passion they decided to team up in 2014.
Bredda X gave up the controls passing the knowledge to Regulator and took up the mic.

Because of respecting the technical side of things without loosing creativity they can bring a party down easily.
Love for all Caribbean vibes busting Reggae, Dancehall and Soca as a foundation but you can catch them out the box at times. As long as it bounces it’s on lock!