Voice wins third Soca Monarch Title

February 19, 2018 Category: T&T News
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Voice unstoppable as he wins third Soca Monarch title

Aaron ‘Voice’ St Louis has become a force to be reckoned with on the soca circuit. On Carnival Friday night, the 25-year-old proved just how unstoppable he has become when he walked away with the Soca Monarch title, his third in as many years.

Voice won the competition with his song ‘Year for Love’ beating out a field of 11 contestants including Blaxx, his closest contender whose song ‘Hulk’ was a big fan favourite.

Orlando Octave placed third with his tribute to Trinidad and Tobago called ‘Love you so‘ while Turner in his Soca Monarch debut placed fourth with his song ‘Calypso’.

Voice received TT$300,000 for his efforts.

Following the Soca Monarch competition, Voice turned his attention to the Calypso Monarch finals where he placed second in his debut, losing out to 24-year-old Helon Francis with his social commentary ‘Change’.

Voice’s Year for Love was also a winner in the Panorama competition, a battle among steelband orchestras. BP Renegades topped all-comers with that selection.

Courtesy Mauby On Ice