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What's your full name and do you have an artiste name? If you do have an artiste name, how did you get it? Full Name: Adam L ONeal Artist name: Adam O, I simply dropped the “Neal” off of my last name and boom. Adam O was born.  What is your Nationality and where do you reside at the moment? I was born in St.Vincent but I grew up in the British & US Virgin Islands. I currently reside in St.Croix USVI. How old were you when your talent became evident and you knew you were gifted? Feel free to give some details. I was about 7 maybe 8 years old when I started singing and performing mostly talent shows, church etc. When I got a little older, I played drums and also sang in my mother’s church.  Who is your biggest musical inspiration? Musiq Soulchild.  In your opinion, what has so far been your biggest hurdle as a Soca artiste?  To be honest, being heard. It’s an ongoing mission and challenge I embrace, to break through to the “World Stage”.  

What is your most memorable performance or experience to date? Tortola BVI Festival 2019.  Soca music is still not recognized as a mainstream music genre. Why do you think this is and what do you think is the first step to bring about change? From the way I understand it and I could be wrong. For a genre of music to be classified as one on the mainstream music level it has to have the influence and numbers to even be considered. I know for a fact that Soca has an influence on the industry, Justin Bieber “sorry” for example. What I think needs to happen is more Soca artistes, especially the ones with influence, need to get their music registered and tracked on the right platforms. Along with that, I believe there needs to be a driving force on the music business level that can speak and negotiate with the powers that be. When they do that, using all the collective data to support the influence of Soca on paper, I believe Soca being established on the mainstream level will be more of a probability.  Where do you see yourself in five years from now? Touring the world off of what I’m building as we speak. Also establishing a centre for the arts in my community. So many young creative minds need it where I’m from.  Do you have a favourite song (not your own)? If you do, can you tell us why it's this particular one? It’s truly difficult for me to narrow it down to ONE, At the moment, Patrice Roberts - 'Carry On' has really stuck to me. That song was well written. Do you look up to any other Soca artiste as a role model or for inspiration?  Most definitely. Nadia Batson has been such an inspiration to me. Especially the way she has risen as a woman in the industry speaks volumes. Along with that her pen game is next level. The way she’s able to merge topics with melodies really inspires me to push the boundaries of what I do.  Can you cook? If yes, what's your best dish? If you can't cook, what's the dish you love to order? Yes. I make a mean salmon. The sides vary depending on my mood though.  What genre besides Soca can we find in your current personal music playlist? Afro Beat  R n B Neo Soul  Blues Rock Reggae  Dancehall  Life of the party or do you prefer to lay back and go with the flow? It honestly depends on my mood. If I’m working a gig then I tend to be a little laid back just so I don’t drink too much and get crazy before I perform. If I’m just participating in a party I tend to have a good time. The life of the party is one in a blue moon for me.  Dreams of working with anyone in particular, performing on any specific event or in a certain country? I would love to work with Nadia Batson, Patrice Roberts, Bunji Garlin, Theron Thomas of R.City, Tarrus Riley, Koffee, Popcaan, Drake, Daniel Caesar, John Mayer just to name a few.  I’ve always dreamed of being featured on the REDBULL Culture Clash as an artist, Coachella, St.Kitts Music Fest, Miami Carnival Main Stage, Kes Tuesday on the Rocks, Machel Monday, Afro Nation in Portugal, & Essence Fest to name a few.  Any phobias? None that I can think of at the moment.  Online events are the new order of the day. What are your views about this new phenomenon? It’s a good way to connect with people that typically don’t get a chance to see you at an event or concert. What I don’t like about it is we no longer have the ability to experience that energy. The connection that comes from seeing, touching, and hearing the people on a stage can’t be replicated on a phone or computer.  Any rising Soca stars you believe we should keep an eye out for? Pumpa (US Virgin Islands) for sure.  King James (St.Maarten).  Mic Love (US Virgin Islands). V'ghn (Grenada) What personal achievement are you most proud of? Honorable service in the US Marines  Performing on Uber Soca & being received well by the people along with the organizers.  Being considered as one of the music Ambassadors of my home.  (Virgin Islands) 

If you had the chance to make one wish a reality, what would you wish for?

To end racism and attain equality in the world.  What advice will you give to any new artiste considering to pursue a career in the Soca industry? Be ready for anything because it is not an easy road. Keep in mind, the struggles you face in this industry will make u better.  Any last words for the people of Europe? I’ve always aspired to one day be able to see all of Europe and absorb the culture. I hope and pray that music gives me that opportunity. I admire and respect everything about the European life.

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Let us together show the world that race, color, or any other divisive idea cannot and will not ever triumph over love, respect and equality for all.
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