Alison Hinds

What's your full name?

Alison Amanda Hinds-Walcott

Do you have an artiste name and if so, how did you get it? If not, why don't you have one?

"I don't have a stage name although in my early years I did try to create one..... It was 'Tequila'. I don't remember why I chose that but I did😁. It didn't stick because I wasn't comfortable with it and I was fine with using my own name."

What is your Nationality?

"I have dual nationality....... British and Barbadian."

How old were you when your talent became evident and you knew you were gifted? Feel free to give some details.

"I was probably around 6 or 7 when I realised my talent for singing growing up in the UK. I was in the choir at school and I was always singing around the house (I actually still do that🙂). Music was my constant companion as an only child so the radio was my best friend! I knew all the songs and I was always in front of the mirror with a hairbrush for a mic pretending to sing for an audience of thousands😁😁."

Who is your biggest musical and non-musical inspiration?

"One of my biggest musical inspirations would be the Purple One, Prince. I've loved his music forever and always will. Whitney and Mariah were also early inspirations along with the musicians I grew up listening to like The Police, Abba, Madness(UK) and a few others. Non-musical inspiration came from my mum. She was my biggest fan before I had fans and the person who helped and encouraged me to pursue my dreams and be successful."

Can you cook? If yes, what's your best dish? If you can't cook, what's the dish you love to order?

"I can cook really well and now I actually enjoy it, which I didn't always. I think after having my daughter and her growing up and appreciating and requesting that I cook made a big difference. I'm not sure what my best dish is but I like to do fried fish (dolphin, snapper, tuna, flying fish) with brown rice and sautéed veggies."

Are you happily married/taken, or single living your best life?

"I'm married with a beautiful daughter, Saharan."

What is your most memorable performance or experience to date?

"One of my most memorable experiences was during my Square One days when we performed for royalty..... The king and queen of Sweden. We were booked to perform at this person's birthday event in Sweden. He celebrated for the whole weekend and had a Caribbean themed night, which we were of course booked for. We found out during our performance that amongst the guests attending were the king and queen of Sweden. We got to meet them and they were really down to earth. Everyone had a great night!"

Soca music is still not recognized as a mainstream music genre. Why do you think this is and what do you think is the first step to bring about change?

"I think one of the first things we need to look at is the fact that people see it as seasonal because we only make new music for Carnival time. We need to make music all year round. When 500 songs are released for "carnival" maybe 15-20 will go into regular rotation, everything else falls by the wayside and those songs go to waste and are considered "old" by the following year, which is absurd! We the practitioners have set ourselves up for this vicious cycle of the question from the public........."Wha ya bringing this year" every single year! The only genre that has to create new music every year no matter what. Artists from other genre take time to create an album and then release singles from that one album for the next couple of years. We need to be able to create music that doesn't have an expiration date on it and then maybe our music will be taken seriously by the world."

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

"Five years from now I want to have The Alison Hinds show created and touring as a concert series and not part of a fete/event. I want to have my own show. Also I'm working on expanding my brand into the beauty arena etc."

Do you have a favourite song? If you do, can you tell us why it's this particular one?

"Not sure if you mean from my own music or another artist but from my music a have a few....I can't pick just one.... Some of those are Roll It Gal, Iron Bazodee, Togetherness and Faluma. These are some that have become classics and I truly love to perform then every chance I get. They are crowd faves and I never get tired of singing them."

What genre besides Soca can we find in your personal music playlist?

"In my playlist you will find everything from Reggae/Dancehall to Afrobeat, Bachata, Pop, RnB and Jazz when I'm in the mood."

Life of the party or do you prefer to lay back and go with the flow?

"It depends on my mood......... If I really feeling to lime then I can be the life of the party but, if not, a cool vibe can work."

Dreams of working with anyone in particular, performing on any specific event or in a certain country?

"I want to do a collaboration with Tarrus Riley and the young sensation Koffee. I haven't been to Australia as yet and I'd like to explore performing/visiting countries in Asia."

Any phobias?

"I hate spiders and snakes.... They freak me out!!! So do roaches!!! They're just nasty!!!🥴"

What is the next big project the public can expect from you?

"I have a few things I'm working on but nothing I'm ready to reveal as yet."

Any rising stars in the Caribbean we should keep an eye out for?

"There are a few I'm watching but, I'll reserve my comments for later......I want to see more females out there though. There are only a handful right now and we need more."

What personal achievement are you most proud of?

"I'm a very proud mother of a beautiful and accomplished 16 year old daughter, Saharan, who has made her father and I so proud with not only her academic accomplishments but also her extracurricular activities. I can't wait to help guide her to becoming the amazing woman I know she will be."

If you had the chance to make one wish a reality, what would you wish for?

"I'd wish for ignorance to be gone. Too many times people let the fear of not knowing about someone or something prejudice them against it and choose to remain ignorant, therefore, depriving themselves of getting to know an amazing person or having an amazing experience. I try to open my mind and my heart to new experiences and learning new things. I never ever want to stop learning."

Any last words for the people of Europe?

"I'd just like to say, in these challenging and unprecedented times, we need to look out for each other as never before. The world has changed due to this pandemic and we will now experience a new "normal". I hope you will look to the future with hope and positivity, even though we know we are in tough times and it's going to get tougher before it gets better. Keep the faith, whatever you believe in, and stay true to yourself and those you love."

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