Not even Corona can stop the vibes.

The world is currently experiencing conditions most of us have never experienced before. Having to stay inside, not being able to follow our daily routines and having to distance ourselves from our loved ones are just some of the restrictions we are struggling with right now. If that was not already enough, the worldwide Soca Community is currently dealing with multiple carnivals and events being cancelled. Most of the carnivals we were so eagerly anticipating for 2020 won’t happen anytime soon. A true misery, which most of us are yet to accept, much less ever get over.

But instead of feeling despaired, the best thing we can do right now is to be creative and make the best out of the situation. For example, we can join one of the many online Soca parties brodcasting from different locations all over the globe. This new development of the worldwide Soca scene taking place on Zoom, Instagram and Facebook demonstrates how serious we are about partying and what a vital part of our lives it is. Even though we are momentarily confined to our homes and can't invite friends over, we still can “party" and get an escape from the realities facing us. Personally for me, "party" in this context means winning by myself with a glass of rum in front of my computer, as I am sure many of you now reading can relate. ;)

Some people might say: “That’s not my thing, cause it’s just not anywhere close to a real party.” Yes, you are definitely right, of course it’s not like a real party, but let’s stick to the motto of drawing something positive out of the whole situation and look at the many advantages of online parties:

- It was never this easy to host a true global event. As we all know the Soca community is very international which makes it pretty hard sometimes to gather at the same spot. I am part of a “I love Carnival” WhatsApp Group consisting of people who are based in different countries. Even though this group has existed for quite some time, we have hardly ever managed to meet up as a group. Not even at carnivals because we would eventually all go to different events. However, one member of the group recently suggested we could do our own little lime on Zoom, which we did and it was great seeing all the girls. Now it seems we first needed a pandemic for some things to actually happen.

- It was never this easy to join a party. For many of us it’s just not (always) possible to go to a party, because we have other commitments, like taking care of our kids, etc. But now parties are literally taking place in our living rooms, so everyone with a mobile device and internet can join. You don’t even have to get ready, you can attend in your pyjama and it wouldn’t matter.

- It was never this easy to talk to the DJ or other party guests. Parties are generally not a very conversation friendly environment as the music is just too loud (and some are also just too drunk). But online Soca parties with their diverse chat features make it actually very easy to communicate for both sides. While the DJ can easily find out what music his crowd wants to listen to and what everyone is drinking (very popular question by the way), the viewers can show their appreciation for the music by commenting, sending heart emojis or donating via PayPal.

- It was never this easy to bring all this good vibes directly into your home. Your favourite Soca DJ's are currently offering you great musical entertainment for free. You don’t even have to leave your house. “Dance like nobody’s watching” has never before been more true.

And most importantly, Soca shows us once again its great ability to bring us joy, even in the midst of global turmoil such as what we're experiencing now. Since its beginnings, Soca has constantly been bringing people happiness and release during times of hardship. Even though the circumstances have changed a lot over time, new ways have always been found to spread the good vibes. Now it’s through online Soca parties which not only bring us great music from great DJs but also enables the Soca community to stay connected throughout the world, creating a sense of belonging during times of isolation and loneliness. In this way we support each other, send each other love and stay aware that we are all in this together.

Would you also like to bring some sweet Soca vibes into your home? Each and every Saturday starting from 8:30 pm we go live on Facebook and do just that. Come socialize, have a drink and dance with us!

Story by Theres @theres24111

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