Didjay Mack

Didjay Mack "The French Soca Touch" raised between Caribbean and African cultures, his love for music begun when he was still a young boy. 

Mack started his DJ career 13 years ago, performing mainly in clubs based in the French Capital. Now, he organises his own events in Paris called #WeAreSoca.

Eight years ago, he decided to specialise in Soca. A talented DJ, Entertainer and Speaker, Didjay Mack knows how to interact with the crowd. Combined with his unique energy, he is able to set any public on fire.

Didjay Mack has played in many important Festivals and Carnivals across the world. For example, in Trinidad and Tobago and in Europe (Berlin, Paris, London, Rotterdam, Geneva, Ibiza).

With the talented Wetty Beatz, he co-produced "Afro Jab Riddim". A mix between African and Caribbean vibes. Famous artist have sang on this riddim like :

-  Mr Killa feat. Terri Lyon  - Wey Yuh Deh

- Skinny Fabulous feat. Lavaman - Toothache

- KD - Push it

- Siir V - Neva Sober

You can follow Didjay Mack on Soundcloud, Instagram & Facebook.

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- Instagram didjay_mack

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Team #WeAreSoca

Let us together show the world that race, color, or any other divisive idea cannot and will not ever triumph over love, respect and equality for all.
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