DJ Nina

Nina is a versatile DJ based in Sweden whose career started in the beginning of 2016 - something that grew out of a huge passion for music and dancing.

In 2017 she began becoming well-known in the urban scene due to her residency at the ’Bashment’ nightclub in her home town. People who've been following Nina, have certainly heard her play variations of house music, or seen her DJ alongside a percussionist. But regardless of the style she plays, Nina's wealth of musical knowledge together with the way she creates an atmosphere during her sets, makes it hard to not get infected.

Growing up in a childhood that included a lot of reggae and dancehall, Nina has always had an affection for the Caribbean scene, which has over the years, proven to be a big part of her journey as a DJ.

Nina ended up in Trinidad and Tobago years ago and have returned every year since, because of her love for Soca music and the islands and have no plans of changing this yearly ritual.

”As a versatile DJ I dare to say that I’ve never seen another type of music affect others or even myself the way Soca does. It’s my responsibility as a DJ and also my pleasure to introduce this music and push this scene as much as I can in Sweden with all the energy and love TT gives me every year.”

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