DJ Slinshot

“Purveyor of infectious caribbean and international beats that guarantee a bess-atmoshphere.”

Driven by the love of music, he is dedicated to make people enjoy them selves to the fullest at any occasion! With more than 10 years of experience he runs the game with excellent mixing skills and knows how to generate the vibe for every Party…

Wether Dancehall, Rap or EDM – Being a versatile DJ is very important to him but he can´t deny his Soca addiction.

Next to playing music on the Road and at other events for Carnival in Trinidad, he organises his own popular events with his crew “Burninspectre Sound” to introduce Soca to the people back home in Germany.

“For me it’s all about showing people the best of what the Caribbean has to offer, while tying it in with popular beats and artistes they already know. Over the years I’ve learnt to read a crowd at any event and always give them what they want and more."

Watch out for new Mixtapes, Remixes and Roadmixes!

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