DJ High Score

DJ High Score from Berlin has been spinning decks since he bought his first turntables in 2005. Since then he has mastered the craft and came in contact with many genres on the way. Wether it‘s Reggae, Dancehall, Afrobeats or Soca- he can play it. His versatility is also the reason for his given nickname- Da Vibes Catcher- as he never plays a prepared set and also to this day never released a mix; 'I believe in catching the vibes of the crowd and improvising to get a reaction'. And it works! He shared the stage with many big sounds, not only in Germany but also on an international level: Ibiza Soca Festival, Nothing Hill Carnival, Soca Weekender and many more. Soca definitely became his passion over the years. Together with his wife and friends, he founded the German Soca Junkies in 2013. Today you will see GSJ represented at numerous carnivals around the world spreading good vibes. Seeing High Score play is certainly an experience you don’t want to miss!

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