What's your full name?

"Garvin Johnson."

How did you get your artist name?

"I got that name in Antigua. I was not the best dresser I would say. So I guess that explains that." lol

What is your Nationality?


At what age did you start singing?

"From 7yrs old in Montserrat."

Where did you perform your first Soca song and when was that?

"Montserrat Junior Calypso Monarch."

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

"I would maybe say Edwin Yearwood."

How musical are you? Do you write, play any instruments, produce etc?

"I do all of the above. I produced my first 3 albums."

Are you married?

"Not yet."

What is your most memorable performance to date?

"Montserrat Soca Monarch 2005 when I won my first professional award." 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hate that question. I have no clue. I guess I would say happy. 

Can you cook? If yes, what's your best dish? If you can't cook, what's the dish you love to order?

"Yes I can. Stew fish, Macaroni Pie, Fried Plantain, Mash Potato, Sweet corn and cold lime drink with brown sugar and 3 cubes of ice."

When you're not listening to Soca what Genre is at the top of your playlist?

"Soft Rock. I like the chords. I like the ideas and the concepts." 

Life of the party or do you prefer to lay back and go with the flow?

"Laid back."

Any phobias?

"Jumbie... Shit freaks me out. Plus I grew up in country side so any noise I hear that's not normal I am running. Not on the brave vibes.. When I move, just move with me."

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