Born in the French West-Indies, my interest in music started at an early age, listening to Soca, Dancehall, Rnb and Zouk.

My passion for music has taken me across  Europe as a professional DJ, gaining experience to broaden my skills and talents.

I like to share my energy through my 'beats' mixing music from all over the world.

My mixtapes are an expression of my devotion to the public and has been well-received for the 6 past years by many different cultures. I have been a resident DJ at 3 exclusive Parisian clubs and many know me as one of the French DJ's, who promote the spread and development of the Soca spirit in the French community.

Th opportunities to perform at Internationals Carnivals and Festivals, allowed me to further develop my style of mixing the sounds of Soca and Bouyon.

I can firmly say, that the more I travel spreading Soca, the more my love for music grows. It is a wonderful thing to see the people also growing with me as we share on this journey together.

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