Watch Out Universe!

by Daryl Rodulfo

For a few weeks now, the internet has been buzzing over a certain German young lady with reported ‘Trini’ roots, who is poised to represent Germany at this year’s Miss Universe competition. This news obviously grabbed our attention, and with no delay we embarked on the mission to find out more about this alleged half-Caribbean beauty. On an easy Sunday evening not too long ago, we had the honor of spending time with this delightful, intelligent and ambitious young woman.

Loving daughter to her Trini mother and her German father, later this year, 23 year old Miriam Rautert will try and bring the coveted title of Miss Universe 2019 to Germany. Interesting side note, the last time a German won the title was in 1961.

For those of you who are wondering why Miriam isn’t competing for Trinidad and Tobago in a bid to take the crown home to the Caribbean, here’s the deal: Contrary to what some other published articles states, Miriam was in fact born and bred in Germany. German is her nationality and to that end, she will be officially representing for her motherland. One thing is for certain, the Caribbean diaspora will definitely be in her corner. The ‘Trini’ blood coursing through her veins makes sure of that.

Miriam went to Trinidad for the first time in 2016 and explained that she still has a lot of family living in Sangre Grande, family who visit Germany almost every year. It was clear from the excitement in her voice, that she feels very much connected to the Caribbean side of her heritage.

Last year, after finishing her studies in journalism and business communication, Miriam fulfilled her childhood dream by becoming a full-time professional model. A dream she had since she was seven years old.She vividly remembers sitting in front of the television watching past Miss Universe competitions, even that historical night in 1998 when Wendy Fitzwilliam took the Miss Universe title to Trinidad and Tobago, making it the second time the twin island republic won this prestigious event. Hearing her story, one cannot deny that it very much appears that Miriam was destined to one day also be one of the finalists vying for the Miss Universe title and witnessing her dreams unfolding right before our very eyes, is nothing short of intriguing.

“It has in no way been an easy road preparing for this competition”. According to Miriam, she has been training every day for the last year getting herself, mentally, emotionally and physically ready for her big moment. One chance, one shot to be queen of the universe.

When she’s not hitting up the gym for some weights and cardio, or out exploring new restaurants in her home city of Berlin, Miriam loves to spend time with her family, her biggest supporters. She even has a really cool goal to write a book about the life journeys of her grandmother who happens to be her greatest inspiration and along with mum and dad, one of her three role models.

When Miriam was fifteen years old, she was told that she cannot become a model because of her height. You see, Miriam is only 5 feet 5 inches tall and most model agencies only signed you if you were 5 feet 9 inches and taller. So, when asked what topic she would like to champion and bring attention to if she won the competition, it was no surprise to hear that she wants to get rid of the cliché “you have to be super tall to be a model”. Miriam is sincerely passionate about supporting the petite model market on an international level. Her personal quest to level the playing field for every model.

We invented this game called ‘the genie game’, where, we give people ten seconds to tell us their 3 biggest wishes. These were Miriam’s responses in 7 seconds flat!

1. Nobody on earth should ever feel hungry. Everyone should always have enough food.

2. All her friends and family should get 3 wishes as well.

3. She also wishes that people were generally happier. According to Miriam “Then the world would be a better place and we would have less problems”.

Yup, Miriam definitely has her heart in the right place. A big fat ‘Amen!’ for every one of those answers.

Some believe that it’s a myth, however, we believe that it’s an absolute truth. What are we talking about? The love-affair Caribbean people have with pepper of-course. :) Miriam didn’t grow up in Trinidad and yet still she has the “hot-gene”. Oh yes folks, she puts pepper-sauce on everything. Even on her breakfast! Plus, she only uses her grandma’s homemade pepper-sauce because according to her it’s “the best pepper sauce in the world”. Spoken like a true islander and proving the myth is indeed real. :)

To be honest, we were a little surprised to find out that Miriam has never played mas or taken part in any carnivals! Not in the Caribbean, not in Europe. Good news is, it’s definitely on her bucket-list, and being the caring carnival hooligans that we are, we invited her to join us in Berlin next year. It will be sort of a baby-step preparing her for the real deal; the road in Trinidad. Great idea right?

It was an absolute delight talking with Miriam. She is a very down to earth, (obviously) stunningly beautiful but also genuinely warm, intelligent, ambitious and kind-hearted young woman. A definite top contender for the Miss Universe title. We are fully supporting her on her quest and wish her all the best! Go Trinidad, oops, we mean go Germany! :)

Follow Miriam on her journey @miriam

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