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July 25th 
Rotterdam Carnival 2020

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully before placing your order. Failure to abide by the guidelines set out herein may result in your expulsion from joining us at your chosen Carnival parade. 

1. Contract confirmation

 Legal jurisdiction: Cologne, Germany. You must be at least 18 years of age to use this website.

This website is solely for purchasing costumes that confirms registration to participate at Rotterdam Summer Carnival on 25th July 2020 and/or Berlin Carnival on 31st May 2020. The act of confirming your order by issuing payment, wether full payment or the first payment, you enter into a binding contract with Soaked in Soca, hereafter referred to as 'us/we'. The purchase contract is valid when you receive an email with your order confirmation within. Please carefully store your order confirmation as this is your proof of being in a contract with us. Your order confirmation is also needed for collecting your costume.

2. Prices & Refunds

Advertised prices are final. If any price need to be adjusted by us after your first payment, we will contact you via email to discuss the details and implications. In accordance with § 19 Section 1 UStG, we do not charge sales tax. All payments are final and refund requests must be made within 48 hours of purchase. After this time, works will have already begun so a refund will be no longer possible.

3. Payment

You can use credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer to purchase your costume. Please email us at if you would like to make a bank transfer so we could send you the relevant bank details. 

4. Warranty

All our products are hand-made to the utmost highest quality. However, because of this unique method of production, it is to be expected that there will be slight variations between costumes of the same line. These variations are acceptable and not to be disputed. At pick-up, we inspect your costume together with you to ensure the the quality and standard are to your approval and to confirm that all elements are present as expected. Any faults due to our workmanship or error will be rectified by us cost free. Depending on the situation, we will either fix your costume on the spot at the pick-up location or take it back to our mas-camp and fix the problem there. Arrangements with you will be made to get your costume back to you as soon as possible and of course we will cover all the costs.

5. Costume distribution

For certain costumes, at check-out you must specify where/when you would like to pick up your costume. For all costume purchases, in due time, we will send you an email with specific information (such as exact location and time) about costume collection. We will not ship any costumes due to the high risk of damage to your costume. If you cannot collect your costume yourself and would like to send someone to do so on your behalf, please send us an email as soon as possible to We will not release your costume to any persons other than yourself before we have had contact with you and this person prior to the pick-up date.

6. Data privacy 

See our privacy policy

7. Governing law
We operate under German law. In situations of conflict with a customer residing outside of Germany, special consideration for the laws of that country must be acknowledged for validity. However, German law takes preference.



These are the guidelines for all costume holders (masqueraders) joining us in Rotterdam on 25th July 2020.


  • You must be 18 years of age to participate, no exceptions.

  • Your contract with us confirms that you have legal German insurance coverage that will cover all claims submitted by you. The name used to purchase your costume is the name on the contract made with us and this person would be responsible for any damages made by the wearer of the costume and accepts all resulting costs due to his/her actions. We do not have any liability for damages as a result of your actions.

  • You must wear your full costume.

  • You must at all times wear the official wristband presented to you and costume pick-up. This wristband must also be visible at all times. You will be immediately removed from the band by security if you do not wear your wristband or can produce a valid one upon request by security or other band officials.

  • No self-made costumes or accessories will be allowed so please do not try this.

  • We expect all of your to of course have fun on the day but we also expect that everyone respects each other and behaves in an adult manner. Our professional security team will use discretion in deciding if someone should be removed from the band or not. We will absolutely not tolerate persons who exhibit: discriminative or racist behaviour, harassing other individuals (verbal or physical), extremely high levels of intoxication that interferes with the day's celebrations, carrying dangerous/illegal objects and contraband such as weapons, flares, gas, fireworks, narcotics, etc.) 

  • Rotterdam Carnival and Berlin Carnival are enormous events with huge masses of people everywhere. If you are not able to handle large crowds, we do not recommend that you take part in this event. 

  • Be aware of thieves, pick-pockets.

  • Ladies be extremely careful when venturing outside the security ropes of the band. Please try to never do so alone. Use common sense at all times to ensure that your day isn't ruined.

  • Due to the duration of the parade and the large amount of time you will spend on your feet, we advise that you wear comfortable footwear, exercise often leading up to the parade to loosen muscles and get a lot of rest the day before. If you have any health issues that may impede your stamina or hinder you in any way, please consult with your physician before joining the band. We also recommend using ear-plugs due to the high noise levels expected at the parade.

  • It is absolutely prohibited to climb on items at the parade. 

  • You are responsible for all your belongings you bring to the parade. We recommend leaving all valuables at home and only bringing the bare essentials to the parade. You cannot leave any property on the music or drinks trucks.We assume no liability for lost items.

  • If the Carnival is canceled, this will most likely be for a reason such as bad weather or a situation where public safety is at high risk. In such a case, the organisation has the right to cancel or stop proceedings early. Other force majeure situations are also reasons for canceling the Carnival. There will be no costume refunds in such circumstances.

  • Please read and familiarise yourself with the details on the info sheet you will receive at costume pick-up.

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