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Our vibrant and beautiful city of Cologne will be the home location for this 100% Caribbean Music and authentic Caribbean Food Festival.

A true representation and magnificent celebration of Caribbean culture.

Contact us today to get involved!

CARIbbean carnival in germany

We are proud to bring the spirit of Caribbean carnival to Cologne Germany.
A weekend full of amazing events, ending with the big CSD parade on Sunday 3rd July where we will represent with the first ever Caribbean carnival truck.
Over one million visitors from all over the world will be in the city for Cologne Pride week and we cannot wait to take centre stage with our incredible 2022 presentation:

Soaked In Soca -Nènu Carnival ‘Born Naked’

Acceptance Diversity Pride Tolerance Love

All other relevant info here

CARIBBEAN events & parties

Professionalism, top quality and ultimate enjoyment is what you can expect at one of our events.


Our unique signature event; 'Boating', has quickly become one of the most anticipated Caribbean boat parties in Europe.

In the coming future, we will introduce other Caribbean themed events to fill the demand for top-level entertainment in Germany. 


Working together to help when a natural disaster strikes.


Latest help action raised more than 600€ for the St. Vincent La Soufrière volcanic eruptions relief.

We are still accepting donations and every cent collected will be transferred to the Rotary Club of St. Vincent.

workshops for

schools & focus groups 

Caribbean inspired topics lead by National and International experts focusing on:

  • Music & Steelpan

  • Carnival & Costume Design

  • Art & Literature 

  • Cuisine

Family sports

& fun day

The importance of family and community are ideals we hold in high esteem. Sport and physical activity is a vital part of child development and sustained good health in adults. So why not have a day dedicated for family, community, sport and a whole lot of fun?


We will love to do this for the first time later this year when the situation improves. Yes we are very optimistic ;)


Keep your eyes and ears open for more info. 

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