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Welcome to the heartbeat of Soaked in Soca!


Our Community is where the rhythm of togetherness thrives.

At Soaked in Soca, community isn't just a word – it's a way of life. 

Here, we cultivate connections, celebrate diversity, and embrace the vibrant spirit of Caribbean culture.

Whether you're a seasoned soca enthusiast or new to the scene, everyone is welcome to be a part of our inclusive family.

Events that Define Us

Creative Workshops for Kids

We excite and ignite young imaginations by bringing the magic of the Caribbean to primary schools. Through art, costume making, and music, we introduce Caribbean culture while showcasing in a fun way, the diversity and beauty of the various islands.

Collaboration with Nonprofits

Giving back is at the core of what we do. By donating our time, we host workshops centered around Caribbean carnival for other nonprofits and organisations. From costume presentations to Soca music showcases, we share our expertise and passion to enrich the community.

Annual Family Day

In the heart of Cologne, we create a vibrant meeting hub for families with Caribbean connections and also welcome families from other backgrounds. It's a day of interaction, culinary delights, art, and music, fostering connections and celebrating the human spirit.

Island Spotlight

Island Spotlight is dedicated to displaying the talents and passions of both local and international Caribbean professionals. These individuals are given the spotlight to share their creativity with audiences in Germany and beyond, fostering inspiration and appreciation. Whether they are writers, chefs, designers, or musicians, we highlight their work in intimate settings, creating a space for cultural exchange and celebration.

Soul Fire

Bringing warmth and joy to every soul, we visit retirement homes with music, costumes, and delicious Caribbean treats. It's a heartwarming experience, spreading positive energy to an important and often times forgotten demographic in our society.


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