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Soaked in Soca is a nonprofit organisation officially registered in March 2021 and based in Cologne, Germany. 

Our documented and registered purposes of the association are as follows:

1. The promotion of Caribbean Culture largely associated with Music and The Arts. 

2. To enrich the landscape of cultural diversity by promoting the importance of understanding international attitudes, tolerance and freedom. We believe that once achieved, society will experience positive, lasting change.

3. Planning and implementing suitable events that promote traditional Caribbean customs including Carnival, with a main focus on the dissemination and support of dance, art and music.

We warmly welcome you to our page and are extremely overjoyed that you are interested in getting to know more about us.



Welcome to a unique platform for promoting unity, acceptance and equality for all. Soaked In Soca host events and initiatives that celebrate the true essence of Caribbean carnival culture. Our vision is to connect people and to enrich Germany’s culturally diverse landscape. In so doing, we hope to bring about positive change in our society.​

Operating out of our home-base in Cologne, Germany – arguably, the carnival capital of Europe – we've hosted numerous real, on location and online events. In fact, one of our main goals is to fuse these two distant, but not so different carnivals with one another. It's possible! We've witnessed it at our events: people of different races, gender / sexualities, backgrounds and nationalities learning from each other, forming lasting bonds, celebrating as one.

This is the spirit of carnival! This is the spirit that we need more of in our communities. This is the spirit that, with your help, will continue to spread as far and as wide as possible.

Caribbean music and carnival culture continues to break down barriers across Europe. For as long as it takes, we will strive to ensure that all cultural aspects imported from the Caribbean be authentically and respectfully represented.​

It’s a beautiful journey we’re on and far from finished.

Why not join us?


our mission

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Register now to become an official member of Soaked in Soca e.V. and join this dynamic, forward-thinking movement.

Let us demonstrate through our unique initiatives, what true tolerance, unity and freedom should look like. Whether as a 'silent' or 'active' member, together we will inject into society all the positive energy we create, and while at it, ensure that Caribbean culture is given a proper professional platform in Germany, to be understood and respected for all its marvellous splendour.

For a yearly fee of only 50 Euro, you commit to supporting the continued growth of the organisation and help us finance exciting future projects.

Directly after registration, you become an official member of Soaked in Soca e.V. and from then on eligible to take part in annual general meetings.

During the year, members will also profit from various exclusive benefits. - Discounts on tickets, costumes & merchandise.

We are excited to have you on board and look forward to a bright future together. 


Become a membe

Be the first to gain access to the ticket shop before the general public and take advantage of special benefits.

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Enjoy regular savings in our Merch store with special discount codes you'll receive after registration.

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The possibility of early pre-registration on our Carnival costumes with savings up to 10% on purchases.

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