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As one of the most fun-loving, fun-sharing people you'll ever meet, Daryl never misses an opportunity to show that optimism is his main ambition. 

An international deejay, born in Trinidad and Tobago, he is a pioneer in spreading the beauty and positive energy of Caribbean culture in Europe. 

Following 15 years of putting in work, traveling, hosting countless events and witnessing what joy Caribbean culture brings to many different types of people, Daryl decided that now is the right time. 

With all his experience, influence and heritage, it's only natural that his dream of creating an authentic Caribbean platform in Europe be fulfilled. His vision is for a medium that spotlights not only music and carnival, but also the human togetherness and equality that flows from those vibes. Vibes that culturally enrich communities and bring joy to so many hearts.

+49 176 32403667 (English inquires)


Sarah has a heart of gold. It’s rare to find someone as positive as she is. More than 10 years experience as a flight attendant, Sarah cracked the mystery on how to use what you do, to enjoy what you love - discovering and falling in love with magnificent destinations like the Caribbean.

Traveling the world and learning about new cultures, remains to this day one of her biggest addictions. 


As one of the few carnival costume designers in Germany, Sarah is extremely excited about her role concerning Soaked In Soca.


She is very eager to use her experience as a creative in design and small business to build Soaked in Soca into a modern, authentic and straight forward non-profit organization - just as she is. 


German, and not a Caribbean native, Sarah fully acknowledges that she has a responsibility to respect and continue to learn about Caribbean culture in order to be successful in her role. She is excited to support the positive symbiosis of both cultures and looks forward to a fantastic future.

+49 15141937603 (German inquires)