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Meet Daryl aka D-One – the ultimate good vibes advocate, a force to be reckoned with when it comes to spreading joy and optimism.


Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, this international DJ is the pioneer blazing trails, unleashing the vibrant energy of Caribbean culture and music across Europe.


After 15 years of relentless dedication, touring, and orchestrating countless euphoric events, Daryl realized the time is ripe. He's armed with a wealth of experience, an influential presence, and a heritage that screams authenticity, all converging to birth his dream: a bona fide Caribbean hub in Europe.

His vision? It's not just about beats and carnival revelry; it's about fostering unity, celebrating diversity, and championing equality—the very essence that emanates from Caribbean rhythms and the spirit of carnival. Picture a platform that doesn't just enrich communities culturally but also stitches hearts with unbridled joy. That's Daryl's grand, inevitable vision unfolding.

+49 176 32403667 (English inquires)


Sarah, with a heart as pure as gold, embodies a rare breed of positivity that's hard to come by.


With over a decade soaring the skies as a flight attendant, she’s cracked the code on turning work into a gateway for her deepest passions, immersing herself in the allure of dreamy destinations like the Caribbean.


Continuing to feed her passion for discovering varied cultures and trotting the globe is an everlasting source of excitement for her.


Among the select few carnival costume designers in Germany, Sarah exudes sheer enthusiasm for her pivotal role within Soaked In Soca. Her eyes sparkle with anticipation as she aims to infuse her creative prowess and business acumen into fashioning Soaked in Soca into a sleek, authentic, no-nonsense nonprofit.

Acknowledging her non-Caribbean roots, this German powerhouse fully embraces the responsibility of honoring and perpetually learning about Caribbean culture. It's her driving force to ensure success in her role, fostering a beautiful synergy between both worlds and eagerly anticipating an exhilarating future ahead.

+49 15141937603 (German inquires)

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