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In order to facilitate meaningful cross-cultural growth between the Caribbean and Europe, we utilise our years of expertise, vast network and experience within the European entertainment industry, to facilitate the smooth inclusion of 'up-and-coming' Caribbean entertainers/artistes on exclusive premium events in Europe.
We dispel the belief that only the superstar Caribbean artistes secure bookings in Europe. Truth is, there are tons of music events all over Europe in search of unique acts to add to their programming. We view this as the perfect opportunity to introduce different cultures to each-other and at the same time place Caribbean entertainment on new and exciting podia. 
Some of the biggest challenges facing young Caribbean artistes and event bookers is knowing what paperwork in terms of permissions, travel and tax documents etc. are needed prior to travel. Also, the costs associated in getting an artiste and her team to Europe is quite high. We advise on how to secure all the necessary paper-work and permissions needed to satisfy the authorities. The artiste then travels alone to Europe and whilst here, will be connected to a manager and if needed, provided with band/DJ/Dancers and basically all that she deems necessary for giving her very best performance in this new market. 
To be clear, we are not booking agents, but rather simply assist Caribbean nationals secure performances in Europe, sharing their talent in return for fair financial compensation where possible.
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